About Our Products

All products offered by Artéclat fine art online art gallery are of the highest quality.

We own copyrights to publish and sell all of our products.

Every original painting is personally signed and dated by the artist. It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

In relation to fine art prints – Certified Art Giclées, all our prints come from Re-Art Fine Art Printing & Editions, one of the leading fine art printing companies for museums and art galleries. We work together for many years and we guarantee that all Certified Art Giclées in our offer represent quality art prints that set themselves apart from other Giclée prints in the market with their quality.

What is a Fine Art Print – Giclée? The Giclée art print is a new and contemporary printing medium that adheres to the highest standards set by artists, museums and art collectors for graphics art. Creating high quality Certified Art Giclée prints is a long process of craftsmanship done by a master printer. It starts with scanning the original artwork with the use of a special high resolution scanner. Prints are created using water-resistant high-quality archival inks on acid free materials. The minimum resolution is 1440 dpi which gives the prints a gridless quality and incredible detail. A single copy can take up to an hour to print. The materials then receive a coating that ensures that the inks do not degrade or fade and colours always stay the same.

Our producer guarantees the lastingness of a Certified Art Giclée between 50 and 300 years.

All our Fine Art Prints made by Re-Art Fine Art Printing & Editions are marked with a quality hallmark, which guarantees our customers the highest quality and lastingness. They are provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Certified Art Giclée™ logo also acts as a guarantee that there will never be more prints created from an artwork than agreed upon with the artist. If, for example, the edition size is 25 than there will never be made more than 25 Certified Art Giclée. This is clearly marked on each edition. Each individual painting would usually have the edition of 25 prints on canvas and 50 prints on paper.

Every Print on canvas and paper has a visible edition number and hand made signature by the artist. The Certificate of Authenticity is also numbered and signed and co-signed by the master printer.

For more details regarding our Fine Art Prints, printing processes, standards, quality and Giclée history, we invite you to our business partner’s website here.

Every product is carefully checked before shipping and the packaging is individually matched.

High standards of our service and your best experience in dealing with us is very important to us. Please contact us if you have any queries relating to our products, orders, shipping etc, We will be delighted to hear from you.

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