Arteclat - Jakub Jozefczyk

Art Éclat fine art online art gallery has been created from our passion and love to surrealism and magical realism. Our aim is twofold, to promote art through organisation of exhibitions and participation in most prestigious Art Expo’s across the world and to enable art lovers to discover new talents through our online gallery. We sell original paintings, high quality fine art prints (Giclée), albums and other items connected with art.

Artéclat is extremely proud to work with Polish born, world class artist Tomasz Alen Kopera. Our lasting over a decade relationship with Tomasz, is based on our understanding of his exceptional and extraordinary art and our ability to successfully promote artists taken under our wings. In addition to that, Jakub Jozefczyk – the founder of Art Éclat Gallery, acts as the official agent for Tomasz Alen Kopera.

We closely cooperate also with a Polish born artist – Arkadiusz Dzielawski. Jakub Jozefczyk acts as the official agent for Arkadiusz Dzielawski. His works are presented on our gallery website.

We represent also a German artist – Siegfried Zademack, whose works we proudly present to our art collectors all across the globe.

We are open to cooperation with fellow artists and promoters in organising art exhibitions, auctions and other art events.

We also invite businesses wishing to use our art in marketing campaigns to contact us on the email provided below to obtain necessary consents.

And, naturally, we invite surrealists and magical realism artists and all art lovers to get in touch with us, either to network or to exchange ideas or to make new friends and grow our surrealism lovers community!

We are always open for new, interesting ideas and we will answer all your queries with pleasure.

We invite you to our online gallery of the finest of art, where you can enjoy the astonishing world of imagination, creativity and perfection, the place, where dreams become art.

Jakub Jozefczyk