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Details of the original painting:

Artist:  Tomasz Alen Kopera

Movement:  magical realism

Type:  oil on canvas

Dimensions:  110x90cm / 43x36in

Year:  2022

Please note the original painting is currently not available for purchase.



Tomasz Alen Kopera: an artist with a passion for environmental protection

The groundbreaking cooperation between the Save Wild Cats Foundation and the renowned artist Tomasz Alen Kopera resulted in the creation of a unique work – “Anthropocene“. This masterpiece sends a strong message about the human impact on the natural environment, combining the artist’s vision with the Foundation’s mission.

Known for his ability to combine realism with surrealism, Tomasz Alen Kopera in his latest work focuses on the topic of anthropogenic impact on the Earth. “Anthropocene” not only delights as a work of art, but also serves as a thoughtful social commentary, presenting the consequences of humanity’s actions that force wild animals to leave their natural habitats. Among these animals is the Flat-headed cat (Prionailurus planiceps), one of the rarest cats in the world, whose image in the painting draws attention to the critical situation of this species.

Even though this is Tomasz Alen Kopera’s first cooperation with the Foundation, his passion and artistic talent perfectly harmonize with the goals and excellently show this very important social problem. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to raise awareness of human-made threats to our planet.

Let this joint work inspire us all to reflect on the need to protect our planet for future generations.

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