TR3 (untitled)

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Details of the original painting:

Artist:  Tomasz Alen Kopera

Movement:  surrealism

Type:  oil on canvas

Dimensions:  195 x 130 cm / 77″ x 51″

Year: 2017

Please note the original painting has been reserved for an exhibition.



This particular piece has been created by Tomasz Alen Kopera for the purpose of the exhibition called “Tribute to Old Masters”. The main idea of the exhibition “Tribute to Old Masters” is that the 21st century Libellule Masters pay tribute to Old Masters by creating a very particular collection of art, inspired by the original masterpieces. This is a truly extraordinary collection, showing different approach, vision and interpretation by modern surreal artists. This unique event is organized by Lukas Kandl and the movement “Libellule, Renaissance Contemporaine”. The exhibition takes place a few times a year in many prominent places across Europe.

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