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Arteclat - Portal XI Arkadiusz Dzielawski

Portal XI by Arkadiusz Dzielawski

Creation of “Portal XI” by Arkadiusz Dzielawski.
Oil on board
Dimensions: 122 x 112 cm / 48 x 44 in
Year: 2020

Available as a certified art giclee on paper.

Click here to see the painting.

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Artist Bio.

Arteclat - "The wolf and the lamb" Tomasz Alen Kopera

Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris

Lukas Kandl and the Libellule Group opened the new exhibition “Tribute to Jean de La Fontaine” on the 11th of February 2020 in Paris. It was part of the Art Capital 2020 Expo at the Grand Palais, Paris, France.

World class artists presented their fabulous works. Among them you can find paintings created by Tomasz Alen Kopera.

„The wolf and the lamb” – oil on canvas by Tomasz Alen Kopera, dimensions: 70x90cm / 28x35in. See the painting in the gallery here.

Watch our full photo gallery from this event by clicking here.

You can also watch our livestream here:

ARteclat - Tomasz Alen Kopera Paradisiac hell

“Redemption” by Angela Marie Niemiec

We have the pleasure to present to you a brand new poem created by Angela Marie Niemiec and associated with paintings by Tomasz Alen Kopera.

Paintings: oil on canvas created by Tomasz Alen Kopera
Hellish Paradise“, “Paradisiac Hell III

Music: “The poet acts” by Philip Glass

“Redemption” – poetry and narration by Angela Marie Niemiec
Angela Marie Niemiec Instagram: @angel_writer

Breaking through the barriers of good and evil,
two worlds collide with a purifying force
strong enough to make the heavens stand still.
From the fire, new is born from old,
adorned with darkened wings,
bestowed with horns,
gently offering petals of empathy.
A symbol of purity
for an honest exchange,
guided by the flames,
for the angel of absolution,
in all of her perfection,
ascends free from dread’s darkest wing,
blossoming the flower of truth and knowing
that even the devil can be forgiven.

Arteclat - Tomasz Alen Kopera video

New Video – Oil Paintings by Tomasz Alen Kopera

Check our latest video presenting the magical world of art created by Tomasz Alen Kopera.

Arteclat - Tomasz Alen Kopera

Tomasz Alen Kopera and his Limited Editions

The creation of Limited Editions by Tomasz Alen Kopera is a complicated process, which involves the artist’s good eye, expertise of master printer, state of the art technology and the best materials.

From this video you will find out how our Certified Art Giclée’s are made.

To see the entire collection of Limited Editions by Tomasz Alen Kopera, click the “Purchase Prints” button in our Gallery of Art.